Small flower, big impact:

The Germanic goddess Holde (known as Frau Holle from the fairy tale) gave the elderberry its name. Her gifts, such as flowers and fruits, help us to stay healthy through the winter.

Almost all of the elder plant can be put to use. Roots, bark, leaves, flowers and of course the fruit.

The healing power of the elderflower-> Tea for immune power:

Science assumes the abundant flavonoids in combination with essential oils have a very strong immune activating effect, suggesting that the use of the tea for a viral illness would be appropriate.

The prophylactic impact of the flowers -> Prevention is better than leniency:

The immune-boosting effect can also be used preventively. Vulnerable family members should be given the tea or breakfast as often as possible. Substances with antiviral effects were recently found in the elderberry fruit. These may also be able to be found in the flowers, which is another confirmation of the good effects of elderflower tea for colds.

GDA (Guidline for Daily Amount)

Element Elfentau 0,33lt Children: Adults:
Kilocalories 128,4 1600 2000
Protein 0 60g 75g
Fat 0,3g 62g 67g
Carbohydrates 26g 200g 275g
Salt 0,3g 3g 5g
Unsat. Fatty Acids 0,33g
Roughage 0g